2 days ago, I spent the majority of my time in a waiting room and I had a lot to think about during that time. This included the many things I’m grateful for, which I thought I’d share:

I’m grateful for waking up today,
for a roof over my head,
for access to free healthcare services,
access to clean water, heat and food,
for a supportive family,
for the ability to connect with others across the world,
for access to the internet and information,
for the ability to read, speak and write and type right now
and the freedom to share my thoughts

– just to name a few!

I believe that it’s important to myself to be reminded of what I have, rather than looking for what I need or want. I also hear gratitude journals are useful but I reckon the Notes app also works so I can write on-the-go.

What are some things that you are grateful for today?

2 responses to “Gratitude”

    • That’s really great to hear and I’m glad that you’re in a good place. Thanks for reading and sharing!

      and of course, I’ll be sure to check it out


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